Aug 14, 2012

Better Late Than Never (Gifted #2) by Marilyn Kaye

The second book of the Gifted series concentrates more in Jenna, and her long lost father that suddenly shows up at her front door. He claims he is back to see her and redeem himself for leaving her 13 years ago, befor she was even born. At the same time Amanda, the bodysnatcher, finds herself inside the body of Ken, the boy she likes. But while inside him she can use his gift, hear dead people, and soon one of them will take a very special place in her heart and cange her forever.

This book was as adorable as the first one and maybe a little bit heartbreaking since things didn't end up as good as one might wish them to. I really enjoyed seeing more of Jenna and Amanda and watch them grow through out the book through their experiences. Also we get to see a little bit more of the other characters too, learn more about their powers. 

I've alreayd started reading the next one in the series. Even though it's more of a middle grade series I find myself truly enjoying it. These books are small, fun and cute, exactly what I need between the more heavy YA.
book 25             book 37
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