Aug 9, 2012

Eden-West (Eden #2) by Janelle Stalder

Our second trip to Eden is filled with more suspence, political plots, action and romance than the first one. Aiden returns back to find himself not in the company of all his old friends, but in the Riders city at the West. There he will live amongst them, meet the Forest People, Wolf's family and try to figure out why he has been summoned to a place that doesn't seem to be in danger. All the while, Elisa is send to the South to find and bring back Wolf and Logan, but even though the three of them meet shortly after her arrival they soon become the guests of South's ruler, Makrus and he seems kind of reluctant to let go of Elisa. While all of them are busy Callum and Brutus gather up their forces again for another attack under the commands of the evil magician, Aziz.

Let me say that even though I loved the first book this one is even better. I don't know how Janelle Stalder does it but Eden-West was impossible to put down. All the characters we learned and loved in the first boook return to keep us on edge with every single action. I was especially looking forward to all the Elisa-Wolf scenes that this book has, these two know how to keep me interested, until the very end, litarally. I can't believe how this book ended. Also we get to meet new characters, like Moose, Wolf's brother, who I adored from the very first time and Lily one of the forest people, who for some weird reason I kept picturing like a ten year old and trust me you don't want to picture her like that or it will be awkward. 

Even though this book is called Eden-West my favorite place of Eden was the South. I really enjoyed seeing it through Elisa's eyes. I came to love the world Janelle created in the first book and now I got to discover and see a bigger part of it. A part of it that makes me want to jump inside the book and actually spend the rest of my life there.

Everyone who loves a good epic fantasy book mixed with ya characters will love Eden. With twists and turns, tons of action, politacal intrigues and romance that leaves you begging for more, this is one of the best books of the year.

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