Oct 9, 2015

Book Review: Say Her Name by James Dawson

Say Her Name
by James Dawson

Say Her Name is the story of Bloody Mary, or better yet what happens when you call her. In the boarding school were Bobbie and Naya go to, the legend of Bloody Mary comes to life when, in a Halloween dare, they decide to say her name, along with a local boy. What follows is pure mayhem as they realize that Bloody Mary is actually a real ghost that will come for their lives after five days. In the mean time they all experience parts of Mary's lives. Seeing glimpses of her life, Bobbie decides that Mary is a ghost that wants her side of the story heard and probably her very own killer punished. So Bobbie and the other two embark on a mystery solving journey to figure out what happened to Mary and who killed her. All the while trying to avoid the ghost that wants to claim their lives.

I loved this book. It had pretty much everything I love in good horror stories. A terrifying ghost, with a mysterious past, funny moments, and a lot of running around to save your life, and a dash of romance in the mix. I really enjoyed putting all the pieces of Mary's past together.

As I've said before for me horror books don't need to have great characters or character development, if the horror part itself is good. So don't expect any memorable characters in this one, but do expect a fear of mirrors and any reflective surface.

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