Jan 11, 2014

Book Review: The Kill (The Forbidden Game #3) by L.J. Smith

The Kill is the third and final book in The Forbidden Game Trilogy and for me it was also the best one. In this book Jenny and her friends are once again faced against Julian's Games and nightmares for one final time, and they have to win in order to save Tom and Zach from the Shadow World. The Game this time is a Treasure Hunt and it takes place in an amusement park. That was by far the scariest setting, with so many creepy possibilities.

I loved that in the final book we got to see a side of Julian that we haven't seen so far. It made me love him even more. My heart was broken in tiny little pieces by the end of this book. I also once again loved Jenny, she has grown so much through the books and she has become the perfect main character. I'd love to read more of her story (and Julian's) but unfortunately the trilogy has come to an end.

I am really glad that even after all the years that these books have been collecting dust on my shelves, I finally picked them up. Oh, and another thing I love about them, the 90s! I am a 90s kid so it was pretty awesome to relive in that time period. I miss the 90s... Anyways, this was a great series, really creepy and with great characters.

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  1. I liked this series, and I was a huge LJ Smith fan in the 90's (although I think her Secret Circle books were my favorite). I re-read this series several years ago because I was able to get it on my ereader, which made my inner YA old school bookworm deliriously happy. :)