Jan 6, 2014

Book Review: The Chase (The Forbidden Game #2) by L.J. Smith

The Chase (The Forbidden Game #2)
by L.J. Smith

In the second book of The Forbidden Game Trilogy, Jenny and her friends are trying to get back to their normal lives after the first game. Everyone has changed after what Julian made them go through, especially Jenny, who finds herself without the usual protection of her boyfriend, Tom. They all believe that Julian is locked away in his Shadow World, but after they are visit by terrible nightmares they realize they can ignore the truth anymore. Julian is out of his game and he was Jenny - again. And this time he is planning another game to get her.

The Chase was a great in the middle book. It wasn't as exciting as the first one, but it got me really fired up for the next one. There wasn't that much action or as many creepy moments as the first book and the game felt kind of forced this time around, everything was happening really fast and I didn't get to enjoy the action as much.

What I did enjoy more in this book were the characters of Jenny and Tom. After finishing the first book, the Hunter, I didn't really like them. The only ones I liked were Julian, the bad guy and Dee, Jenny's best friend who was always chasing after danger. But in this book things changed, I still love Dee and Julian but Jenny grew so much through her experiences and became such a strong and independent person that you can't help but love her. And Tom...oh, Tom, after seeing that he was losing Jenny he just went all out. Throughout the book he tries so much to help her and sees her as an equal, while in the first one he took her for granted. I think I am join Team Tom for the final book.

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