Jun 29, 2013

Witch Hearts by Liz Long

Witch Hearts starts with a bang. I killer is on the loose hunting witches and taking their hearts. From the very first chapter we meet his latest victim Courtney.

Ruby can't believe it that her best friend is dead. When her ex tells her that she was the victim of a serial killer she decides to unmask the murderer while trying not to be his next victim. Now that Courtney's brother is back in town, old feelings returning with him too, together they will try to figure out this whole mystery.

Witch Hearts was a great mystery. You have the scary, mysterious, serial killer, witches, covens, magic and a great romance on the side. I still have to admit I didn't really connect with the main character that much. Don't know why. My favourite character was Courtney by far, too bad she died in the first chapter. Still, main character issues aside, what I loved about the book is the mystery. It had me guessing till the end. And let me tell you, everyone is a suspect. And since there is magic involved too I let my imagination go a little bit crazy and thought even the weirdest plot twist. Good to see that the mystery had a pretty exciting twist to it. Didn't dissapoint at all.

Another think I enjoyed was Cooper and Ruby together. There was great chemistry between them and Cooper was so sweet, yet had his dark side. Their romance evolved slowly but was believable and you could see the spark between them. Still, since the mystery was the main part of the story, I am glad that the romance didn't overpower it or drew much attention away from it. There was always something creept going on, dead bodies dropping, suspicious actions, it kept me on my toes.

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