Jun 10, 2013

A Shade of Blood (A Shade of Vampire #2) by Bella Forrest

This book was awesome. It was perfect in so many ways.

A Shade of Blood picks right at the end of A Shade of Vampire. When I read the first book I was sure I knew how it ended, what decision Sofia made but then came this book and I realised I was wrong. Sofia decides to leave the Shade with Ben (why girl, why???). They go back to their old lives and try to be normal, even date (which I though was a waste of time...) in the mean time Derek's life at the Shade goes through some major changes. Without Sofia there he turns into something darker, more dangerous even a little scary at times.

We finally get to learn more about the background of the characters and the Shade. I didn't realise it until I read this book, but in the first one we didn't get to learn anything. I didn't know about Sofia'a parents and Ben's family, or even what happened for the Shade to be created. Especially with the Shade, we get to learn a lot of vital info about it. About the human living in it and how everything works. We even got to visit a lot of places, since once Sofia gets back (and of course she gets back) she visited the whole island.

We also learned more about Ben and what he went through during his time at the Shade with Claudia (by the way that vampire is craaaaazy). I did like him more and I do understand why he is doing the things he is but still I didn't want him and Sofia together. I still believe that he is going to turn sides by the end of the series.

This book had a lot of swoon worthy moments, lots of passion and so so many mind blowing revelations. I love how everything is grey. The Hunters are supposed to be the good guys (and they are doing good) but they are also just like the vampires they try to kill in so many ways. On the other hand the vampires, and especially Derek, are doing some horrible things, but still you can't help loving them. I loved that Sofia realiised that too and she is fighting hard to make a change in the Shade. I know she will finally manage that.

So, all in all, I loved it. Can't wait for the next one, especially after the Epilogue. I mean, come on... Bella Forrest you just blew my mind.

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