Jun 3, 2013

Magician's End (The Chaoswar Saga #3) by Raymond E. Feist

I can't believe it's over. I know it's been 30 books but I just love the world Feist created. I love Midkemia and all the characters that lived in it (and died in it). This is not going to be one of my normal review, 'cause I just can't possibly review this book the normal way. It is just going to be me, raving non stop about how awesome Feist is and how awesome this series is and how sad I am it's over. 

When I first got the book I was like this...
 And then I started reading and fell right back in love with the story. The are two main wars going on at the moment the book starts. The magic war: magicians vs Dread and the human war aka war for the next king. I loved both for different reasons. I loved all the tactics and attacks and battle scenes in the human war but when there is a threat that could end the whole universe and you get to learn more about it and how to stop it then the matter of how will be the next king just kind of seems small.

This book had everything we came to love in the previous books, even some characters that were dead!!! And then there were the dragons...

Not that kind of dragons... more like those...

Since this was the last book I was expecting a lot of characters to die but thankfully almost none did. Besides some that I was certain they will. After all it is called Magician's End.

And yes, there were some moments that were slow, especially when they kept on analyzing the Dread and what was going on and I was waiting for the battle to begin.

Then I realised that this was it, the end! I tried to read as slow as possible but still the end came. And it left me such a bittersweet taste. And yes, I cried! I was cry reading Feist's books.

There is really nothing more that I can say at this moment. Just...Again! I want to read the whole series again!!!


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