Feb 28, 2013

Fire & Ice: Karina Halle

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Today I am welcoming Karina Halle on Mostly Reviews. She is the author of  Experiment in Terror, Devils and The Artists series and she is here to talk about Kick-ass heroines, with good reason since all her main characters are kick-ass heroines.

Why kick-ass heroines need to make a comeback
by Karina Halle

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but lately when you pick up a book that’s collecting a lot of buzz and hype, you’ll find the male lead to be hot and charming (and maybe a bit of douche – but that’s okay) but the female is virginal and weak, with no backbone. I’m no feminist, but isn't it better to have a female that’s worthy of the man she’s fighting for (or with)? She doesn’t even have to kick literal ass, but she should at least have conviction, determination and a pair of woman balls. Wouldn’t that make for a more interesting story, being able to root for someone that’s brave and gutsy and pro-active?

Personally, I think so. I’ve written three different series with three different sets of heroines and they’re all pretty different but still kick-ass in their own way. Yes, they all have their own insecurities and flaws – and who doesn’t? But they’re also strong with a sense of self-respect.

My heroine in the Experiment in Terror Series, Perry Palomino, is probably the weakest of the bunch. When you first see her in Darkhouse (book one), she comes across as terribly insecure and indecisive. She just doesn’t know what she wants or how to get it. But despite these flaws, Perry manages to be completely brave in situations where I’d be running the other way and stands up for what she believes is right. This makes her a wonderful for foil to Dex, her partner, a man who needs someone to put him in his place every now and then. And of course, as the series goes on, Perry grows up. She loses some of the insecurities and as she discovers what she wants (Dex, mainly) she goes after it. She also gets stronger in a physical sense as well, battling demons and ghosts and mess of other creatures. Does she get knocked down? Yes. Does she get back up? Always.

In The Devil’s Metal, we have the character of Dawn Emerson. Now Dawn is around the same age as Perry (early 20’s), but she’s from a completely different time period – the 1970’s. Because Dawn is a feisty and intelligent woman with big dreams and ambitions, her strong traits are magnified. After all, in the 70’s, women were still fighting for their rights and the women’s movement was underway. Though I think Dawn would be an admirable, self-sacrificing female nowadays, her era really makes her moxie stick out. It wasn’t easy for a young female music journalist to go on the road with her favorite rock band in 1974, but Dawn was more than up for the challenge – even when it put her life at risk.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Ellie Watt from Sins & Needles. In some ways, Ellie is the strongest of all my characters. I mean, she’s a con artist, surviving on the road by lying, cheating and scamming people. She knows how to handle a gun with ease, can hold her own in a fight against an angry mobster, and has big enough balls to go after the leader of a drug cartel. But while Ellie is as tough as nails, she has this aching vulnerability inside, and insecurity that clouds her judgement at times. This combination of being hard and cold on the outside yet damaged on the inside makes Ellie an extremely kick-ass heroine. She will kick your ass…then take your wallet. She won’t let anyone walk all over her. But she’s certainly not perfect and I think that makes her strength all the more powerful.

I’d love to see more strong women in fiction these days. Some of my favorite kick-ass heroines range from having conviction and self-respect (Jane Eyre) to being physically and mentally tough (Buffy Summers) to having determination and sexuality (Mac Lane) to having intelligence and bravery (Dana Scully). All of these women are perfect examples of how a good, strong female character can drive your story and give you someone worth rooting for. After all, if these ladies can do it – why can’t we? They become role models to the reader and make us want to toughen up in our everyday lives, even if it means just standing up to your boss at work or lacing up a pair of fabulous shit-kicker boots.

I sure love a good kick-ass heroine and can't wait to read more about the three ladies Karina has created.

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  1. Heck yes I want a strong kick-ass heroine, who doesn't whine and knows what she wants and doesn't look to the dude to save her (although it is hot if if he does *winks*)Wonderful guest post, I recently purchased all of these books and cannot wait to read them!

  2. I left a comment already and I guess it got eaten :( I have heard some great things about Sins and Needles! I already bought an ecopy. I like kiss ass heroines as well! I already read book one in the Experment in Terror Series!