Feb 24, 2013

Fire & Ice: Gifted by Liz Long

Welcome everyone to my week on the Fire & Ice blog hop. As your hostess for the last week I have a bunch of giveaways planned and a few more to link to. So stay tuned.

Today there are no other giveaways but this one. But trust me it's a good one. So, let's get started. The book I am featuring today is Gifted by Liz Long. And Liz has stopped by to answer a few bookish questions.

My Review
Lucy is gifted, like so many others in the world with a special power, hers is fire. Lucy is a firestarter, someone who can create and control fire. Soon after the death of both her parents she decides it's time to return to the place she spent part of her childhood, the Donovan Circus. There gifted people, mixed with a few actual humans, put on an amazing show to entertain the masses. Lucy will make new friends and start to feel like she belongs again, but before the good feeling can sink in someone turns up dead. Burned to death. And the new firestarter is the number one suspect. Now Lucy has to clear her name and find out who the real killer is before more people she cares about end up dead.

Gifted had all the thinks I love reading about. A circus, someone with firepower and people popping up dead. I really enjoyed the circus life and all the different characters we were introduced to. So many amazing gifted people. I wasn't the hugest fan of Lucy in the beginning cause she just couldn't realise the obvious, that her gifted was so much better than anyones else, that she was truly special, but she finally saw that. Her two love interests on the other hand (yes this has a love triangle in it) were both swoon worthy. I found myself more attracted to Keegan though, although it's pretty obvious she won't end up with him and I felt sorry for him cause Lucy was kind of leading him on.

There was a lot of action in the beginning of the book and a pretty awesome fight at the end of it, but in the middle the book got a little slow. Lucy was not hanging out with her friends that much, instead she was always with her two love interests, talking on and on. That was the downfall of it. It was a bit frustrating after the great beginning, but fortunately the ending was action packed too. Hence the 4 stars.

All in all, this is a great book. Especially if like me you are a huge fan of circus novels and firestarters.
The Interview

Describe your book in three words.
Fast, action-packed, mystery

What inspired you to write about a circus?
The circus setting actually came second in the story - when I began to write the "Gifted" world, I came up with several characters and gifts first. After asking myself how in the world they'd hide themselves from humans, the circus was an immediate answer - it made total sense to have them hide in plain sight! Then it sort of took a life of its own as I began to put the puzzle pieces together in how Lucy got there and what would happen.

Was describing the circus life a challenge? Did you get any research done in order to do so?
The circus life wasn't too challenging, at least for this book. Since I wanted the focus to be on Lucy and her circumstances, and because she is so new, I left circus life a little vague, since we're discovering everything for the first time with her. She doesn't know the routines or rules, so it was easy to move right along with her and learn them. I did do a bit of research - I own a few "behind the circus scenes" books and spent several hours watching and rewatching the PBS documentary "Big Apple" which was really helpful in the little things, such as how they set up their camps behind the grounds. But because this is a unique supernatural world, I openly admit I changed many things to work with the gifted world.

Where do you usually write/read? (Provide photos if possible)
I have a small office where I write, though I often choose to take my laptop and go to the couch instead so I can sit with my dog and write while my husband plays video games. I read on a Kindle, so that's 9 out of 10 times done on the couch.

What is the one thing you always need with you when you are writing? (Music, notebook, coffee...)
It's not a requirement, but I have an unhealthy love for Hot Tamales, which are great for waking myself up when it's midnight and I'm still trying to finish a scene! I don't think I really have any "must haves." Sometimes I write with music and sometimes not - as long as I have my laptop with Scrivener open at the ready, I'm good to go!

What are your top 3 favourite books/series of all time?
Harry Potter is hands down my top favorite series of all time. It's just not fair how brilliant JK is with the little details! I also loved the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, though admittedly I'll be glad when she finishes the 13th and final book since it's dragged out a little - same goes for the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. I'm a sucker for thrillers or murder mysteries.

Your favourite movies or tv shows?
I watch way, way too much TV. I would say either Grimm or Elementary are my favorite shows right now. Grimm combines a supernatural aspect with a cop drama which is right up my alley. As far as movies, I'm in love with the Avengers and any superhero movies involving those heroes, as well as the Dark Knight trilogy. I really don't think I can pick just one favorite!

What should we expect from you in the future?
I'm anticipating my next release, Witch Hearts, to be out this spring. I haven't written out the synopsis yet, but witches are being murdered with their hearts ripped out. Ruby, the protagonist, becomes the killer's obsession after he kills her best friend.
I also plan to write another title in the Gifted Donovan Circus series this year, though that might not be released til early 2014. And of course, there are always 59 other ideas brewing in the back of my mind!

The Giveaway

Liz is offering one e-copy(Kindle or Nook) of Gifted to one lucky winner.
Open Internationally.
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  1. Thanks so much for this interview and giveaway!! I've had my eye on this for a while and have heard really good things about it! I'd love to read it soon ;)