Oct 1, 2012

Your Pick October Giveaway

I decided that this month there will be no Your Pick Giveaway. I will keep all your votes for the November giveaway. But don't worry though, October is the month of Something Wicked Comes.
Click the image below to see the whole schedule for October. There will be tons of interviews, guest post, re views and most of all giveaways. Each blog has to give away the featuring book. I have two stops, one for Seraphina by Rahcel Hartman, which is a book I adore and another stop for Chain Letter by Christopher Pike, which I still need to read.

The giveaways have already started and you can visit the blogs of the first day to enter them.

So, that was it, by the way, my blogoversary giveaway is still running. Two more days till I pick a winner, so you can enter that one.

Have a great October everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this! Love all the banners they are finally up!