Oct 31, 2012

Halloween Review: Zombie Town by R.L. Stine

I haven't read a R.L. Stine book since last summer, when I was rereading my Goosebumps collection, but I found myself still mesmerized by his style and flipping the pages like crazy just to see what will happen at the end. If you ever read a Stine book you know there is never a happy ending and that is something that I love about his books.

Zombie Town is the story of two friends who decide to watch the nes blockbuster movie "Zombie Town". But when the movie starts they realize they are the only ones in the theatre and after a few minutes into the movie things take a turn for the worse. The zombies from the big screen come to life and chase after them. The kids manage to escape from the theatre but once they are out at the town they find out that something terrible had happened while they were gone. Everyone is turning into zombies. Zombies that need human flesh to survive. Their flesh.

I really enjoyed this story. It was small and fast paced and perfect for Halloween. Another thing I found great was the introduction from R.L. Stine at the beginning of the book. It was very interesting to see the idea blossoming into his mind. I need to get back in reading his books. They maake me feel like I am twelve years old, crawled up in my bed at night reading his creepy stories and it's a pretty good feeling.

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