Oct 17, 2012

Bewitched Blog Tour: Scary Books

Today I welcome Cambria Hebert. She is here to talk about scary books. Perfect timing since it's getting close to Halloween, right? So enjoy... and keep the lights on. 

Hello Everyone!

Big thanks to Veronica for having me here today as part of the Bewitched Blog tour! Bewitched is my newest release in the Heven and Hell series. It is a short novella detailing Kimber, the girl we all love to hate. :)

For today’s stop I enlisted the help of my fans on Facebook! Because I am a big scaredy cat (hey, don’t judge!) I don’t usually read scary books but it IS Halloween time and I am doing a witchy blog tour so I asked my friends to tell me the books that scared them most! And boy did they have some good ones. So, I am going to share with you a list of books to get you all creeped out in time for Halloween!

But before you check out my list of scary good books (lol) here is a little info about Bewitched (another great Halloween read for only 99 cents!):
by Cambria Hebert

For years, I accepted that Heven was more popular than me. I never liked it but I lived with it. I walked in her shadow, I stood by her when no one else would. When I finally thought her spotlight was mine things began to change. She began to change. Now she hardly ever calls me back, she spends all her time with her hot new boyfriend and everyone at school thinks she’s back on top. She had it all. But apparently she wants more. She wants Cole – my boyfriend. What’s worse is that it looks like she got him. I’ve had enough and she’s going to be sorry. 
Because I am bewitched.

#1 It by Stephen King. If you weren’t afraid of clowns before you will be now.
#2 False Memory by Dean Koontz
#3 Seven X by Mike Wech
#4 Cure by Belinda Frisch
#5 The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and Laura Miller
#6 What hides within by Jason Parent

And finally, some really good creepy books that I LOVED as a kid (and still do) are books that you or your kids would love. The Goosebumps series by RL Stine or his Fear Street books.
RL Stine has a new release called Red Rain for adults that I recently got and I can’t wait to dig into that!
Have you read any of these scary books? Do you plan too?

Happy Halloween!

In case you want to know more about Bewitched you can read my review. 


  1. Hey girl! What a good Scary post!!! I admit I probably will never read any of these because I am a total baby. LOL! But some of these look great!!!!! Thank you so much for being part of the tour, I just love your blog. I appreciate all the support you give me. I love that widget that shows all my book covers that looks just awesome. what a nice touch. Thanks again!

  2. Scary books. .i like them but can't read at along. Great post

  3. Stephen M. DeBock10/18/2012

    For the scariest short story ever: "Pigeons from Hell" by Robert E. Howard. Takes place in the deep South in the 1920s. Two vacationers confront a hideous force in a supposedly deserted old manor house. None other than Stephen King says it's the best horror story of the 20th Century. I used to read it to my 7th graders the first week of school in September--started the year off fine. (Note: the N-word makes several appearances; it was common in that place and time and not intended to offend. When I read the story aloud, I substituted words with no loss of effect.)

  4. These books all sound creepy, especially IT!!