Oct 8, 2012

Forged by Greed (The Forged Series, #1) by Angela Orlowski-Peart

Forged by Greed is the story of Jatred and Jasmira, two shape-shifters from opposing sides. Both of them are the future King and Queen of their races and their Goddesses have very special plans for them. With a very important date closing in on them the Summer Goddess will trap Jasmira in her plot to control both races and the consequences of her actions will fall on Jatred. When the future of their world means they should be apart, what will Jasmira and Jatred do about their love?

The promise of the book was great. Wolf and leopard shape-shifters of opposing sides that are in love, a great plan their gods have set in motion even before they were born. Every thing sounded great, but the novel itself didn't really match my expectations. I really enjoyed the world that the author created. The Summer and Winter realm and the history of each race, with their goddesses being around the world for millenia, but that was pretty much it for me.

The book starts with Jasmira and Jatred already in love. I thought I'd be cool with it but I found myself wondering about how they met and fell in love and later on I didn't really care about their relationship, at all. Also, the pace of the story was a bit slow. There were so many descriptions that even when something was actually happening you weren't really allowed to get lost in the action. And then after something major happened we would get the Soap Opera treatment. What do I mean? One character will tell another one what happened then they will tell someone else what happened, then someone else, all the while we get to read the same conversation over and over again and during the conversations the same questions will be asked, repeatedly. It kind of reminded me of all those soap opera dialogs.

Then there were the charactes, so many of them that you had to like someone...or at least that's what I thought. I didn't like any of them really. They all felt a bit spoiled and immature. Also there are so many PoVs that it's a bit confusing. Lastly, from time to time it felt like the dialogs didn't really flow either.
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