Sep 8, 2012

Silver (Bandia #1) by Talia Vance

When I first saw a book about Celtic Mythology I was ecstatic. I shouldn't be. Lesson learned. This book was yet another disappointing read for this year. Where do I begin? The worst thing about it? The characters. Oh, how I wanted to hit them all, hard...

The girls were shallow, mean, slutty and pathetic, such an awfull sterotype. Bri's friends were no friends at all, not even frienenemies, just enemies is better. They never passed an opprotunity to push her around and make her feel insignificant. And don't get me wrong, Bri was no better either. She was a pathetic, needy girl who when people start paying attention to was as bad as her so called friends. And God, Bri, I get why you do math in your head to relax yourself, I do it too, but you kept on doing it every five minutes, somethings wrong up there.

The boys of the book were quite as bad. They didn't ahve any respect for girls. Blake treated Bri like shit for the most part of the book and I can't seem to understand why she liked him, even a bit. And she wasn't the only one who got the shitty treatment and still kept running after the guy. 

I read in a few other reviews that the Celtic Mythology had a lot of inconsistencies, I wouldn't know that since I am not very familiar with Celtic Mythology, but it's concerning enough that I don't find it hard to believe, shows how little I liked this book.

Also, and this is not just about this book but quite a few YA books out there, stop slutting up everything. Not every teenage girl makes out with a hot guy five minutes after they met just cause he wants her to. It makes me miss the times when YA was more innocent and sweet and allowed you to fall in love with the characters souls before lusting over them.
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  1. oh wow your review.. so very true. 1. "friends" of protagonists are always mean and make the character feel insignificant, 2. the whole slutty thing, yes enough please. Wow you really didn't like this story, but i am curious, why did you rate it 2 stars instead of 1?

    great review! I am sure going to stay away from it, an author should do their research on a topic thoroughly before writing about it. YA readers aren't just kids, many have a wide range of knowledge and what sucks the most for a reader who is interested in a topic is to read about it and cringe every time the author gets things wrong.

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. I was considering rating it one star, it's mostly 1.5 for me because I did manage to finish the book and I did like the writing style and the mythology although it was not as much as I hoped, and as I read afterwards probbaly inaccurate, I just had so many bad things to say I totally forgot about the good ones.

  2. Well, shoot this one just became available at my digital library I was hoping for a positive review, but I guess its best I skip this one after reading your review. I don't appreciate slutty girls either.