Sep 28, 2012

EDEN-WEST Blog Tour: Dream Cast

Today is my stop on the EDEN-WEST tour. Let me start by saying how much I love these books. They are truly amazing. Janelle is a brilliant author who has a great writing style and an amazing ability to create a world and characters that you can easily fall in love with.

Today, Janelle is going to present her dream cast for the characters of the Eden series.

The lovely Veronica Morfi has asked me to create my “dream cast” for Eden. I was really excited to do this, and had a lot of fun. Here is who I would pick to portray some of the main characters:

Aiden – Harry Styles. Hee hee hee, he’s so cute.
Wolf – Luke Stevens. It’s the jawline lol he needs longer hair though.
Logan – Benj Lee. He needs longer hair.
Callum – Ben Hill. He also needs longer hair, but the rest of him is perfect! Seriously.
Jameson – Gabriel Aubry.
Lily – Ali. Love her! Kind of pixie like and definitely big eyed like Lily. Just needs long white hair and some violet contacts!
Rain – Ksenia Golubeva. She’s flat out exactly what I pictured. I wouldn’t change a thing.
Rose – Paisha. She needs red hair, and then she’d be perfect!
And lastly our main girl:
Elisa – Laura Paine. She would need darker hair, but for me she has that vulnerable look mixed with tough. Not so much in the picture I picked here, but some of the others I looked at. 
 And that is my cast! Or at least some of them lol I don’t think I could do the entire book. I don’t envy casting people. As a little added bonus, I will leave you with one last person. A new character never before seen (or read) who will be a major player in book three!

Introducing Elex. All he needs are some tattoos and wings…yes wings

Seriously, how hot is this cast? Some of them are exactly how I pictured them. Especially Aiden, Callum, Jameson and Rain. And OMG Elex!!!!!! Wings??? Seriously Janelle you are killing me. Where is book 3?

Before you leave make sure to check the books in the series, and if you need more info on them you can always read my reviews.




  1. Whew! some smoking hot guys there. Can you say eye candy? That is a nice way to bring in Friday. I need to check out the book now and meet all the hotties!

    1. You seriously need to read these books. I loved the first one and didn't think the second would surpass it but oh my was I wrong. It blew my mind away. Besides we need to support talented indie authors! :)

  2. as a fellow blog tour stop, I would like to say I AM JEALOUS!!! :) this is an EPIC post of SMOKING HAWTNESS!!! YUM!! and I just wanna say that from day one I picked Logan as my book boyfriend of this series and he is DELICIOUS!!! :) holy moly! great post! :)

  3. What a yummy dream cast!!

    I need to look into this series!