Sep 12, 2012

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward

Dark Lover introduces us to the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, where vampires exist and are hunted by lessers, humans with no soul. In the midst of the war between them, Wrath, one of the warriors of the Brotherhood, is burden with the resposibility to help one of the brothers half-human daughter who has no idea about what she truly is. Wrath has to introduce Beth to his world and soon to be hers too.

I heard some amazing things about this book and thought I should give it a try. And even though I loved the brothers and how unique and amzing they all were in their own special way I expected more. There was so much promise of action which we never get to witness, because Wrath's and Beth's lustful moments were getting in the way and trust me after a while I got bored of them. I wanted to see the fighs.

The Wrath and Beth moments were good even though they moved way to fast in their relationship but through them I realized that the world Ward has created was not one I was so fond of. First off Vampires acted more on their insticts, I little bit too much. They were creatures of lust and rage and I realized that they were always following their insticts like animals, that's not good for me. Surprizingly I found Mr. X, the bad guy, to be the most inteligent person in the whole book. I love a man with a plan. Another thing I didn't really enjoy about the book was that it felt like the whole society of the Vampires wasn't really in favour of the females. Why aren't there any female warriors?

I was almost over reading this book and about to give it 4 stars when another character started lusting over a woman, and that was all the cheesy quotes and dialogs I could take. I consider myself too much of a feminist to swoon over cheesy quotes like that and I remember giving the dialogs an eyeroll every now and then.

Still, with the promise of more action and more scenes about the rest of the brothers I will try my luck with the next book. Oh, yeah, and I am rooting for Mr. X. (My first time rooting for the bad guy, but he is brilliant)
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  1. lol . gr8 review

  2. Ugh cheesy dialogue! I hate that, This is one series I just can't get excited over.

  3. I just finished this book and I felt very similar to how you did. I only gave it 2 stars though and felt I was being generous. The lusty moments really overshadowed the entire plot and I wish there had been more action or at least plot forward momentum to keep me interested, I doubt I will even try the rest of the series. Great review!