Feb 19, 2013

A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

I started reading this book expecting nothing really just a short vampire story and since I am not a big fan of vampires I thought that I might not even like the story, but because of the book's length I gave it a try. Little did I know I would end up loving it at the end.

A Shade of Vampire is the story of Sofia, a girl that has been taken captive just to enter a vampire prince's harem and Derek, the prince who just woke up from a 400 years sleep and who hates what he has become. The story was fast paced and didn't have a single boring moment. Even though the book is basically about how Sofia got in the island and met Derek and how their life started there and you'd expect that to be boring, it is not! At all.

The characters of this book is what made me truly love it though. Sofia and Derek are pretty much the perfect characters to me.

Sofia, is terrified of getting abducted and being trapped into a mysterious island but that doesn't stop her from trying to escape and standing up for herself, even having compassion for her captors. I loved the struggle inside her as she realizes that her life in the island is better than it used to be (her life sucked before anything happened) and how she doesn't allow herself to believe that she found a new home, cause the people around her are blood drinking vamps.

On the other hand there is Derek. I loved that the book had he pov too. Derek is so sweet and strong and protective of his people. He doesn't like the fact that he has become a vampire and he still struggles to hold on to his humanity. Basically if it was up to him he would go back to sleep forever so that he wouldn't have to face the monster he and his family has become.

Besides the main characters who we get to know a lot about there are others too. Derek's dangerous brother, and I am not talking Damon Salvatore dangerous, I am talking crazy, psycho killer dangerous. And Vivienne who in the end left me waiting for the next book.


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