May 9, 2014

Book Review: City of Swords (Stravaganza, #6) by Mary Hoffman

City of Swords (Stravaganza #6)
by Mary Hoffman

I can't believe that this series is over. I started reading it back in 2004, when I was 14 and I immediately fell in love with the characters and the world. I really don't want it to be over...

This last book introduces us to another Stravagante, Laura. Being a Stravagante means that with the help of her talisman she can travel from our world to a parallel world, at a country, Talia, that is very similar to 16th-century Italy. Laura, just like the previous Stravaganti before her, is unhappy in her life, she is actually a cutter, and when she finds her talisman, she gets transported to Talia. The city she finds herself in is on the verge of a very important change. The previous ruler has just died and his daughter is about to take his place, but another heir shows up and the city is devided in two. Only one side can win this war and Laura has her side already picked even though she finds herself in love with the enemy side.

I really enjoyed the story in City of Swords. Two sides fighting for a city. I couldn't help but support both sides of the war. And Laura was a pretty good heroine too, not my favourite Stravagante, but still a good one. She grew so much through the book, overcame her troubles and took control of her life. It was really good to see her change. Of course we got to see all the rest of the Stravaganti. We were also introduced to yet another Talian city, which was as magical as the rest of them.
I don't know what else to say about this book or this series. It has been a great journey that I am sad to see it end. But still I am glad I picked City of Masks up, all those years ago, because it was love at first sight.

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