Nov 6, 2013

Review: Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan

*sigh* This book... It put me in a reading slump. Gallows Hill had so much potential. The premise was really good. Sarah is playing the part of a fortune teller in a carnival and suddenly she starts seeing images of the future, for real. After that everything went downhill. There was too much high school drama, or drama in general. I dare you to read this book and not get mad with every signle person in that town. There were all getting on my nerves. Even Sarah sometimes, cause she was acting like a spoilled brat. I can see why she was behaving that way, I probably would too, but I don't like reading about heroines that complain all the time.

Besides the obvious drama filled situations that put me off, there was no actual action in the story. The plot moved very slowly and I was completely bored. It's a miracle I managed to read the whole thing. Also, I was expecting this to be a bit scary or at least creepy, but no, nothing like that ever happened. Aside from the good history lesson in the Witch Trials, I seriously didn't enjoy anything else in this book. Off to the next one.

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  1. Oh wow this doesn't sound promising at all. I don't like complaining heroines either so I'll probably pass on this one.