Jul 31, 2013

The 13th Warning (Paperback) by R.L. Stine

Yet another Stine book. I can't seem to stay away from them. I adore Stine as a horror author and I tend to enjoy all his book. Like this one. It was kind of funny, sweet and kept you guessing what the next 13 will be.

So the story is about Lucky. He is the 13th child and both his parents are 13th children. His house is the number 13 and it's about to be his 13th birthday. Lucky as the name suggest is extremely lucky but the day before his birthday two people from the Superstitious Society end up on his doorstep, telling him that his luck is out about to run out. And if he gathers 13 thirteens before his birthday is over he is going to unleash a big evil on him.

Naturally, Lucky starts to have some misfortunes and starts to gather 13s. Each one getting closer to the count down. Will he gather them all and what will happen to him if he does?

As I said the book was a sweet, cute and creept story. You count along with Lucky all the 13s in his life. It was kind of funny but nothing really special. I have to admit I read so many books from Stine that were better than this one. But it was on sale and I couldn't resist it.

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