Jul 2, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Series

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This week's question:
To continue or not to continue a series....let’s talk series. What are some of your favorite series that you continue to read? What would cause you not to continue a series.

My answer:
Lately, there is a series that is lingering in my mind. I've read the first book and gave it 2 stars. Didn't really enjoy it that much but I've been thinking that I want to know what happens next or maybe my brain somehow needs to know, even though I am sure I will be rolling my eyes at every other sentence. So I decided to put my two cents in about this week's topic.

Firstly let's talk a bit about series I love. The first one that pops into my mind is the Riftwar Cycle. It's huge (30 books), epic fantasy and the last book was released a few months ago, and I mean the last last book.
Then of course there is Harry Potter, Hex Hall, StravaganzaSteampunk Chronicles, Eden and so many more series. Those series I loved and some of them are still releasing new books and I also read them and know I will adore them.

But let's see what someone's choices are when they don't like a book. So you can either keep on reading knowing that you might not like what you read next or you can stop a series. But the true question is: how easy is it really, to stop a series?

From time to time I read books that I don't enjoy all that much. They end up with one star review or maybe two stars ones if there was some okay things in them. Usually that's that for me. I've never kept going on a series if the first book gets a review like that. But as I said at the beginning of this post there is this one story that I just can't get out of my head, even though I rated the book with 2 stars. Wondering which story I am talking about? It's Possessions by Nancy Holder. I never liked the story that much but flashes of it keep coming back to my mind. I think it's the creep factor that wants me to keep on reading. You can read my review for more info here.

Ok, so after being tortured by my own mind I decided I should continue with these series. But this is the only time this happened to me. All the other times a book gets a bad rate I am done with it and the story, not buts or ifs. It's over.

Now there is another possibility. That you read the first few books in a series and you do enjoy them but then, somewhere in the middle of the series, there is a very bad book. It happens from time to time, especially with the second book in a trilogy. What I do then? I keep on reading. It might take me longer than usual to get through the  bad book and maybe I am a bit unsure about what's to come but I do keep on reading.


  1. Interesting that you feel compelled to keep reading even though you didn't like the first book. I write off so many series after the first or even second book I have lost count. There are few I stick with these days, so if I do, they are good. Thanks for weighing in this week!

  2. I think it has to be a few (at least 3 books) in a row that are bad for me to stop reading a series I had previously enjoyed. Oh you have a good list of good series books there!