Jul 29, 2013

Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson #2) by Darynda Jones

Welcome back to the crazy life of Charley Davidson, grim reaper extraordinaire. This time around Charlie and her friend Cookie are looking for a missing woman, Mimi. Mimi was supposed to call Charley, she was scared of something and she came in contact with Cookie but she never actually said why. So when she sends atext to Cookie to meet, the later grabs Charley in the middle of the night to find out what is going on. But there is no sign of Mimi, beside a coded message. The woman is missing, her husband is accused of murder and a lot of Mimi's old classmates turn up dead, on way or another.

Besides the job Charley is paid to do, she also struggles to find Reyes body, after a visit from him and the revelation that he wants to let his corporeal body die. He is not very happy about it and will do anything to stop her.

I have to say I missed Charley. She is such a smart-ass that you can't help but adore her. Yes, she makes bad decisions and is not as kick-ass as she'd like to think but that only goes to show that she is human, even though a grim reaper, and it makes her even more lovable. It was really frustrating to she her trying to convince Reyes to stay alive, tell her where his body was. He can be so stubborn, but with a good reason.

Then there is the mystery of what happened years ago when Mimi was in high school that now had a few of her classmates dying. After the middle of the story it was becoming very clear where the story was heading. I am a CSI buff so there were a few episodes that reminded me of Charley's case. Still, even though I figured out partial what happened in the past I couldn't tell who was committing the murders, which is always good, keeping us guessing.

I really enjoyed the story and I can't wait to read the third book. There are so much more stuff left to uncover about Charley's powers and Reyes and heaven and hell and demons...well, you know, stuff.


  1. I just finished the first one a few days ago, and I fell head over heals for everything Charley and Reyes. I love how those books are written, but also the characters and the story. Looking forward to dive into more soon, too! =)

    1. The books are truly amazing! And Charley is so hilarious. :)