Mar 1, 2013

Speak No Evil (Gifted #6) by Marilyn Kaye

A great ending to a series that kept my attention till the very last page.

In the final book of the Gifted series we finally get to learn who Carter Street, the kid that never speaks and has no memories, truly is. After he is sent to Harmony House he starts some sessions with Dr. Paley who eventually helps him remember who he is and figure out his gift, which by the way was very unexpected.

Besides finally being in Carter's head we get to see through the eyes of Amanda who finally finds a way to get rid of her gift and a way to get closer to Ken who also doesn't want to be bound by his.

In the final book it's all about the kids learning to accept themselves and their gifts as they are. They are finally learning that maybe their are not cursed but they had potential. I was wondering if we would see more of the villains from the previous books but we didn't. And the book could have been just another chapter in the middle of their stories. It didn't really feel like the ending. But it is. I love when I read a whole series.


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