Mar 31, 2013

March 2013 Wrap-Up

This month has been a bit crazy for me. I am in my second semester in my Master and things have been getting harder and harder and that means more studying and less time for reading. Especially since a couple of months ago I picked up a stray puppy and she's been with me ever since and I love her to death even though she drives me crazy. Anyways, besides my super busy life I still managed to get some reading done.

Books I read this month:
Click on the images for the reviews.

March was a pretty good reading month. Most of the books got 4 stars, with the exception of a 5 star review for Jimmy and the Crawler, a 3 star review for The Second Evil and a 2 star one for Ashuliya.

Books I will read next month:
These three are the ones I have to read this month. Besides these I have no idea what else I am going to pick up.

Leave links to your Wrap-Ups or just comment with what you read this last month.


  1. You had a pretty good month! I can't believe I have never read an R.L. Stine. I think Goosebumps became really popular when I was in Junior high so I missed that. Hmmm I was so supposed to review Ashiulya and I am going to pass if it was a two star read. I just don't have time for bad books. Thanks for the heads up! Enjoy your week. Now that we are all better here I will work on your pages this week and get them over to you.

  2. Enjoy your puppy!!

    Happy easter and happy April reading!