Mar 22, 2013

Jimmy and the Crawler (The Riftwar Legacy #4) by Raymond E. Feist

This was the most tiny book by Raymond E. Feist I've ever read. I want more. It wasn't enough to fill the void I have waiting for his next (and last one) in the Riftwar Saga.

This was the conclusion of the Krondor series. It was good to finally see what happened cause there were hints on the (chronologically) next books but not many details, and I was really looking forward to find out who the Crawler was.

I wouldn't recommend this book to be your first try on Feist's world cause it's right in the middle of the overall story. But if you love epic fantasy you need to read the Riftwar Saga, starting from Magician.

I am really glad this book was published right before Magician's End (two more months for that one) cause it reminded me where it all begun, the characters that made me fall in love with the world of Midkemia. I can't wait for the end, although I am afraid it's going to be heart breaking.


  1. A five star review and I have never heard of this author? Hmm sounds like I am missing out. I am going to go google him and check out his other stuff. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm waiting rather impatiently for this one to become available here in the US (course I stopped stalking it out of frustration :P)! Been a fan of Feist for a very long time and Jimmy has been a favorite character since his introduction back in the first books :D Glad to hear this one didn't disappoint (aside from the length!) Looking forward to it! Thanks for the great review, Keeps me excited over here!

    Shelly H :)

    1. Hey Shelly, any idea when the US version will be released? I can't seem to find any information on it at all. Thanks!