Jan 20, 2013

Unpack This [Jan.14 -Jan.20]

Unpack This is a meme I started instead of my usual IMM. It was inspired by my love to open boxes, yes I love doing that.

So, I didn't have an Unpack This post last week, cause everything is going crazy in my life right now. Like I mentioned before, I got a puppy. It wasn't really planned and I never had a dog before, but it was a beautiful stray I found and just couldn't help myself. So now, I am figuring out how to fit my life with hers and it just takes a lot of time, but I am getting better at it.

Here is Betty in case you are curious.

Anyways, now on to the books.

Physical Books:
Sealed with a Curse: From the first time I saw the blurb of this book I wanted to read it. I know it's something I will definitely enjoy. I love books that are about sisters!
Dead is the New Black: I found out about this one from a review, I can't remember which one, but this is also about sisters and it has mystery in it too. So, yes and yes!
Meet me Under the Mistletoe: After reading Abby Clements Christmas short, I knew I had to get this one too.
The Splendour Falls: This is going to be my second book Clement-Moore, first one I read is Texas Gothic and even though it wasn't perfect she has a great way of bringing creepy into the room.
Tithe: Another Holly Black book that took me forever to get.
This is Not a Test: I actually won this one on a giveaway and I am super excited about it cause I love zombie stories and couldn't wait to get it.
Prom Dates from Hell: Another Clement-Moore book. You can see I decided to give all her books a chance.

Keegan's Chronicles: This is all three of the series books in one volume and...it was free on amazon so I grabbed it.
Exposing ELE: Book #3 in the ELE series. I got this from the authors. I can't wait to read the second book and then this one. The story is pretty awesome. Oh, and if you are interested the first book Project ELE is free everywhere.
Recalled: Cambria Hebert's new series will be out Feb. 15th and I got a review copy of the first book. Yay!!! Can't wait to read it.
A Shade of Vampire: I got this for review too. I sounds really interesting.

The last three ebooks are going to be featured in some of my post in the Fire & Ice hop. You can still join in the fun. Just follow click on the picture bellow and learn how.

What did you Unpack this week?


  1. i always see dead is the new black series, i know there is several books in this series, hope you review it so i can check it out! and This is not a test was an interesting survival book, if you are a fan of zombies

    great book haul!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. Oh the dog is so cute. I know puppies are a lot of work but so fun. IT gets you practiced up for a kid someday! I am glad you took in a stray. She found a good home. Such a lovely stack of books and I agree, yeah for Recalled!

  3. Good for you and the little puppy that you found each other. You already are a dog owner when you try to fit your life around hers :)I wish you two lots of happy moments and fun over the next years.
    Enjoy the books as well - they all look so pretty.

  4. Recalled sounds like a great read! I've seen it around a few times now and look forward to the reviews. And I'm happy to see This is Not a Test in your pile! That was one of my favourite books of 2012. Hope you enjoy it. :)

  5. This is Not a Test looks really good! I haven't read it but I know one of my friends really enjoyed it :)
    Awww, and your dog is so cute! I know it's really tough, especially in the first few weeks but it'll be fine and you'll get better in no time. x