Jan 2, 2013

ELE Series Giveaway

I am starting off the year with some exciting (at least to me) news. I joined the Project ELE Street Team. So I decided to start my Street Team life with a giveaway of the whole ELE Series to one lucky winner. Well, the first book is actually free everywhere so all of you can grab it.

Need more info on Project ELE? Here's my review:
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Willow and her family have been waiting on line to get inside a shelter that will protect them from the high sun temperatures and a virus that killed thousands. When their numbers are finally called they have to pass some tests before getting inside and not all of them manage to. With her family being torn apart and everything quickly changing around her, Willow has no choice but to adapt fast at her new surrounding, her new friends, her new life. With the help of her friends she will discover a secret cave inside the shelter, a cave that seems to give them powers. In the search for tha truth they will face dangers they never expected and once again their lifes will be changed forever.

Willow was a worthy companion through out this story. She was stubborn, loyal and most impoetantly curious. I love it when characters act all Nacny Drew. Then there is Alec, the love interest, he is perfect boyfriend material. He was sweet and caring and had green eyes, what more do you need to love him? Connor and Claire were the two best friends. Connor I loved, he was funny and could always lighten the mood. Claire on the other hand not so much. She seemed a bit bipolar to me. She started out quiet and shy and then ended up having a few not so Claire like moments. I get that she may grow but she made a few 180 turns in the book.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is the life inside the shelter. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't want to live there because even though it was better than outside it was still a prison. A very high tech, luxurious prison, but a prison nonetheless. I loved the Runner job Willow and her friends had and the tablet that you always had to carry with you, the assemblies and the crazy Doctor in charge of everything.

This story was a great start to the series and had a killer, cliffhanger for an ending. Despite some editing mistakes I spotted it was great. Also even though it's Dystopian it wasn't that hardcore as I am used to by other Dystopian books. All in all I can't wait for the next one.


Giveaway Time
One lucky winner will get the whole ELE Series.
These are e-books and I will probably get Smashword codes for the winner to pick them himself.
Open Internationally.

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