Jul 29, 2012

Possessions (Possessions #1) by Nancy Holder

Possessions introduces us to the story of Lindsay, a girl who is starting over in a new school after an emotional breakdown she had in her old life. But Marlwood Academy is not your typical school, yes, you have the popular girls and the girls that are dying to be popular but Marlwood is also haunted by the ghosts of girls from the time it was an asylum. Lindsay will soon discover that the deadly games that the popular clique in Marlwood plays are connected to the dead girls from the past.

I thought this book was going to be great, it had everything I love. A boarding school, ghosts, creepy past and the occasional girl drama. BUT, it wasn't that good at all. Lindsay was a terrible main character, she had a breakdown in her old life because the popular girl she was trying so hard to please hooked up with her boyfriend. I mean ok it sucks, but hell girl your mother died and you were fine but you had a breakdown over that? Really? Then she was going on and on about how she wasn't going to be the same that she wasn't going to fall under Mandy's, the queen bee in her new school, spell, but she was simply weak and terrified wherever Mandy was involved. She kept saying how her hair were wild and untamed or something like that, like she wanted to convise us that she was wild and untamed. Dream on Lindsay, it's not happening.

Then there are all the other characters, Julie, the best friend. God, I don't even know how she got that title. She sucked as a friend. She was following Mandy everywhere desperate for attention. She ignored Lindsay, didn't believe her, was constantly in Mandy's side. So I don't really see why Lindsay would consider her a BFF. Anyways, then there was Troy-the love interest-he was okay, simply okay, we didn't get to learn much about him, just that he was hot and unavailable. Seriously these two are the only info we have on him. Then comes Mandy, the mean girl, who wasn't really that mean. If you want the title of the queen bee you got to earn it, she wasn't that much of a villain, I was expecting her to be vicious but she wasn't and that was a bit underwhelming. The only character I found interesting and likable was Rose, the other scholarship girl. She was curious and smart and a thrill seeker but she only showed up in one chapter were we got to know her and then she went to join the dark side, with no reason or explanation whatsoever on how that happened.

The plot wasn't that original either. A bunch of mean girls getting possessed by vengeful spirits of dead girls. I must have seen a thousand movies with that theme. There wasn't that much of a background story about the dead girls which didn't give them any essence. Also the writing style was a bit weird for me. It had small sentences and not much of a flow between paragraphs. Lindsay would be talking about one thing and then all of a sudden she went on and on about something completely irrelevant. It was a bit confusing to keep up with.

The only reason this book got two stars instead of one, is because it had a few creepy moments and I love eveything creepy and scary, but Goosebumps were more scary than this one.


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