Jul 28, 2012

Ethereal (Celestra #1) by Addison Moore

Didn't see that coming...

Starting this book I thought I would love it or at least like it for that matter, but unfortunatelly that wasn't the case. I did not like this book and it's mostly because of the characters.

Skyla is the new girl in town. She moves in the house of a dead girl Chloe and soon takes over her life. Chloe's best friend soon becomes Skyla's same with Chloe's boyfriend. But Skyla has a secret (of course she does), she can hear people thoughts. And once she realizes that Logan, her new isnta boyfriend/love does too she finally seeks the answers she was never able to get.

It should have been an intersting story, and maybe the plot is kind of interesting, with the angels and all, but when you can't stand the characters the plot doesn't matter anymore.

Where to begin?

Skyla: she was so unworthy of the main character title. Seriously. She was jealous of a dead girl. And I don't mean jealous "I am afraid he might still have feelings for her", I mean "I am going to steal him from you, you stupid dead bitch, back off now" jealous. Sick, right? The BFF Brielle was also a disaster waiting to happen, she befriends Skyla instantly, gets her Chloe's empty spot in the cheerleading team, gets her in all the cool parties and hooks up with Skyla's disgusting step-brother.

And as much as I hate insta friendship, I hate insta love even more. And this book had a double insta love. Logan and Gage, cousins and the most perfect and handsome boys Skyla has ever seen (her words not mine) both fall head over heels for her (can't really see why) in a blink of an eye. Of course Skyla has the hots for both but picks one so she can have someone to make out with. And boy do they make out. From the very first party.

Ok, let me say now that I did not finish this book. So maybe it gets better by the end, and seeing how so many people have read it and liked it, I think it possibly does, but I just couldn't read anymore and simply don't care. So the review above is for the first half which I did read. I hope other angel books are not like this one.

Thank God I got this for free!!!

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  1. Insta love, love triangle, insta friendship and a shallow main character, I'll definitely be steering clear of this one. Thanks for the honest review Veronica.