Jul 26, 2015

Showcase Sunday #47 - July 2015

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and the Story Siren, the aim of Showcase Sunday is to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week. For more information about how this feature works and how to join in, click here.
~Vicky @ Books Biscuits and Tea

Welcome, my dear readers, to this month's book haul. I haven't made a Showcase Sunday post in such a long time. I am currently at my hometown (been here since March) and I am not buying any physical books so I don't have a new haul that much. But all this will change in a few days. I am moving to London on the 29th and I am sure I will acquire some new books there. I am so excited! But for now, here are the books I got this past month.


I've already read The Faerie Guardian and it was an amazing read, I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I won The Moon Dwellers audiobook by David Estes and I am currently listening to it (only 2 hours left) and it's awesome. Such a great book. Also looking forward to the rest of the series. And finally, The Jester and Professional Integrity are short stories in the Ryiria Chronicles and they are free. Cause Michael Sullivan is just that cool. These are set after the second book in Chronicles so I have to read that one first (guess which book I'll buy first when in London).


After reading a single review I was completely sold on The Red Mohawk. Also the author is anonymous, that's so mysterious. All the other ebooks are ones I really want to read and they were either free or very cheap, so I grabbed them. And that's pretty much all the books I got this past month.


  1. And you got some great books this week. I have been really interested in the faeire guardian.

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Happy reading :)

    Here's my weekly wrap up

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  2. Awesome haul! The Faerie Guardian caught my eyes immediately. I can't believe this is the first time I am coming across it. Need to get my hands on it soon!

    Happy reading~ :)