Jul 13, 2015

Book Review: Haunted Things (Dust to Ashes, #1) by Abigail Boyd

Haunted Things (Dust to Ashes, #1)
by Abigail Boyd

Pretty good ghost story. It was a bit predictable but was still really entertaining.

Haunted Things is the first part of the Dust to Ashes serial. In this story, Ash moves to a haunted house, the place where the Moss family murders took place. She soon learns that ten years ago all the members of the Moss family but one were killed by the oldest son of the family, who ran away never to seen again. The only surviving member was the youngest son, Aaron, who she soon finds lurking around her house. Ash decides to befriend him, while in the mean time struggling to get through high school and learning the truth about what happened ten years ago.

This is a great match for people that like ghost stories. There are a lot of creepy moments, living in a murder house is never dull. Also there is the whole mystery behind Aaron and his family, which for me it was a bit predictable. Then there are the school bullies and Ash's new weird school friend, who seems highly disturbed. All these elements are put together nicely to bring this story to life. There are a lot more things that need answers and I am looking forward to reading the next installment.

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