Feb 11, 2014

Book Review: Afraid by Jack Kilborn

by Jack Kilborn

OH MY GOD THIS BOOK!!! I have no words... but I'll try to find some, just so I can write a review.

Afraid is the first book by Jack Kilborn/J.A. Konrath that I've ever read, and let me tell you it's not going to be the last. I was in the perfect mental state for a book like Afraid. I really wanted to read something action packed, with a military experiment gone bad, and a group of people trying to survive. And Afraid was exactly that, plus it was terrifying and totally gory, which I adored.

So, in Afraid the small town of Safe Haven gets a surprise visit from a group of physically enhanced soldiers, created to bring mayhem and distraction, when a helicopter crashes near the town. None of the people has the slightest idea what is going on or why those people are suddenly after them. And what originally looks like a military mission gone bad, may turned out to be exactly what was planned for the little town.

This book as insane. So much action, never a boring moment, always someone's life in immediate danger, there was so much death and fights and running from the enemy, it was really insane, beautifully insane. The first few chapters were the most terrifying thing I've ever read, and I read them at night, right before sleep. The story is very addicting, once I had the book in my hands I couldn't stop reading.

I loved the characters, even the bad guys, there all just gave life to the story. Seeing them suffer and run for their lifes kept me on edge for the whole book. My favorite one has to be Duncan, the little kid involved in the story, he was pretty amazing for a kid. If things like that happened to me when I was his age, I'd just hide under bed until the bad guys found me.

Anyways, this is an amazing story. It has a movie sense about it. I could picture everything going on. But be warned, it is not for younger readers. There is so much torture and gore, that I would only recommend this to adults only and not the fainthearted ones.

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