Dec 22, 2011

Awesome Event Info! Review Mania and Birthday Giveaway!

Nop, this is not mine...:P
But you should really check it out. It's a great event taking place for 7 days, between Dec.21 and Dec.31. All you have to do is read the reviews that are posted between those dates and comment for a chance to win one of them... :)

Just click the photo for the link to the giveaway. And while you're there wish Ana, Happy Birthday! Yeap, it's her birthday today!!!

Oh, adn yes, I made this buttons so I am shamelessly advertising myself... :P If you want one of your own go to my Requests Policy Page.

Got to go catch my flight!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! By the way, the number of ebooks you win depends on the number of comments ;) Thanks again for making the button! I love it!