Dec 18, 2011

Arrived This Week [Dec.12 - Dec.18]

This week a had a few more new arrivals. A couple of paperbacks, a few books for review from authors and a couple more from NetGalley.

Bought Paperbacks:

I got both books from for only 2.90 euros.

From Authors:

From NetGalley:

I requested Katana more than 5 times and got denied but finally I got approved, I can't describe my excitment. I want to read this book so badly.
As for A Tale of Two Proms, I had just bought Wuthering High, the first on the series and I have a really good feeling about it.

What were your new arrivals this week?


  1. Oh that Meg Cabot book looks GOOD!! I skipped over Tale of Two Proms on NetGalley, but Katana looks so good I requested it for myself! Thanks!!

  2. Oh I love the cover of "I Love You To Death"!

  3. Fun fun! I got Pantheons as well! I am totally intrigued by the ghost book. I will have to go look at that prom book as well!