Sep 25, 2011

Movie: Final Destination 5


Just like all the movies before it Final Destination 5 is about a guy, who has a vision of an accident and tries to avoid it. This time is a bridge collapse, amazing in all its glory. Sam is the one who sees the accident, while he is in a bus going to a trip with his colleagues. He manages to cheat death and saves a few more with him.

But no one can cheat death, not for long that is.

After a few days, one by one the "Lucky 8", as the survivors are called, start to die. With the help of a mysterious coroner, Sam and his friends find out that death is still after them and won't stop unless he gets a live. Theirs or someone elses. Yes, this time you can kill someone and take their live span as your own. Love this new rule.

The movie was fast-passed, I didn't like some of the characters so I was glad to see them go... And the ending, oh, the ending. It was epic. There is NO way anyone could see that coming! I had goosebumps. I was like "I love the ending" hours after the movie!

So, if you are a fan of all the previous Final Destianations this is a must see, maybe the best of them all! Even if you're not this is a fast horror movie with an easy plot you'll love.

You can find more about the movie in imdb.


  1. I LOVED this movie! I went to go see it as soon as I found out about it! It's like the Scream movies-if you think about it, they're pretty stupid and redundant, but you're addicted anyway ;)

  2. @anaavu: I agree! I love Scream too. And I was so excited to hear there was going to be a new one.

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  4. I saw Final Destination 4 but i had to cover my eyes most of the time :)).Maybe i should watch this one too..

    New follower ;)

    TheDaydreamer3 @ The Daydreamer's Book Obsession