Sep 26, 2011

Crushed (The Witch-Game #1) by K.C. Blake

Kristen, Brittany and Cyndi are triplets and witches. Every year each of them picks a boy to crush with her colored dust. The boy is supposed to fall in love with them and do whatever his instructed to. But once Kristen crushes the schools bad boy, Zach, it seems that something has gone wrong. Little does she know that Zach is a warlock himself and he doesn't like beeing crushed, so he decides to have a little fun with the little witch while trying to make her uncrush him. But fate has something other in store for them. A new witch is in town and she obviously doen't like Kristen. The two of them will have to unite their powers to find out who she is and what she wants. And not every everyone will like the answers.

The first half of the book was a little bit slow. I would like Zach to play around with Kristen more before the two of them started to fall for each other. All the characters where memorable and the story was solid but I didn't feel that drown to it. The one thing I adores about this book is Zach, he was the perfect boyfriend material.

I'm very curious about the next book, cause in this one the ending was very final. I wonder if it's going to be about the same characters.


  1. Aaaah catching up on everyone's posts and my insanely stuffed inbox. Typing the code thing to comment every time is really getting annoying...
    Goodness, where are my manners? I'm dumping on your post! Is that the same author as Vampires Rule?

  2. @anaavu: Don't worry about dumping on my post. :P Yes it's the same author. I love her writing! And that's the only reason I got Vampires Rule. :)