Oct 13, 2012

Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Ten teens travel to a secluded island to attend a private party. No one knows where they are and no one can imagine that soon after they arrive one by one they will start dying.

I can't figure out how to write a review for TEN without giving anything away, cause trust me you don't want any spoilers, the twists and turns are what make this book awesome. So, I will try to keep my review small and to the point.

As I already mentioned this book is awesome. We get to travel to a creepy island inside the mind of Meg. Meg was my favourite character in the book by far. She was strong and noticed everything around her, she was also curious and even if she didn't believe it, brave. Meg was also a writer which only made her more cool for me. So, Meg and Minnie, the abnoxious best friend who I wanted to slap through out the whole book, attend a private party in Henry Island, there they meet with eight more people. All the other characters were also very unique. Gretchen McNeil managed to give everyone a specific personality from the beginning and this made it very easy to distinguish them.

Besides the characters I loved the mystery that unfolds through out the book. Meg finds the diary of a girl in her room and when she starts reading it, it seems all too familiar. I loved the diary entries, they gave us a good glimpse of what had happened and what was probably to come.

I need to stop my review here cause I realised that every sentence I start is a possible spoiler and I can't do this to future readers of TEN. I am just going to give everyone an advice: while reading TEN notice everything. Everything!
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  1. WOw!
    I cannot wait to read Ten.
    I LOVE the cover and the blurb. The idea kinda looks like the one from Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" which was wonderful and so mysterious.
    So I hope this book will be as good.
    This book has been in my TBR for sooo long!
    GREAT review, Veronica

    Your constant reader,