Dec 14, 2015

It's All About Korea: Part 1 - Where It All Began (The Try Guys and Big Bang)

Hello everyone! Or better yet: 안녕하세요 여러분! It's All About Korea is going to be a new segment in my blog (that has been slowly dying). The first month I will start with an introduction about how I got into Korean and Korea life in general and the different Korean resources I've been using and many more. So if you are a K-drama, K-pop fan, or a Korea fan in general stay tuned.

After the first introductory month I will be doing a monthly wrap-up post about anything Korean that has caught my attention.

So, let's begin with WHERE IT ALL BEGAN

First of all as some of you might know, because of the amount of manga I am reviewing in this blog I love Japan and anything Japanese, I've also tried learning Japanese a few years back but the writing system is a b*tch and I gave up after a few months. However I still listened to J-rock/pop (it's probably still my favorite music genre). Through J-rock/pop I came across a Korean group: Big Bang. That was probably 5-6 years ago, when Big Bang were not as huge as they are today. So I came across one of their Japanese pop songs, Gara Gara Go
You can tell it's a pretty old song, but it was so catchy that I loved it. And that was pretty much my only K-pop experience until a couple of months ago...

At the end of September Buzzfeed and The Try Guys who I adore, released a series of 5 videos about K-pop and Korea culture in general. You can watch the five hilarious videos HERE. On the very first video they listened to a few new K-pop songs and one of them was Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang, so for me that was the rabbit hole and just like Alice I down I went and lost my self in Korean Wonderland.

This was a brief explanation of how I got into K-pop and what drove me to start learning Korean (understanding lyrics). Here is a preview of what's to come this month.
  • PART 2: Studying Korean with and bilingual books
  • PART 3: K-Pop and Korean shows
  • PART 4: YouTubing about the Korean Wave and Korean subscription boxes

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