Jun 29, 2015

Book Review: Blood on My Hands (Thrillogy, #2) by Todd Strasser

Blood on My Hands (Thrillogy, #2)
by Todd Strasser

This is the second standalone installment in Todd Strasser's Thrillogy and this was my favorite out of all three stories. Blood on my Hands is the story of Callie. One night she is at a party and notices that Katherine, a friendenemy of hers is nowhere to be found, so she decides to start looking. What she finds is her lifeless body with a knife sticking out of it. Without thinking she picks up the knife and that's the moment when everyone from the party finds her. Holding a bloody knife over Katherine's dead body. Everyone starts taking pictures and calling her murderer, so she decided to run and hide. But in order to clear her name she knows she has to find the real killer, while staying out of jail.

Callie's story was fast paced, without a single boring moment. We get two different storylines, first Callie while she is hiding, trying to figure out the true killer and then what happened in the past and how Callie became friends with Katherine and how the ended up as enemies.

This story was brilliant. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Collecting clues as to who was the real killer. Also Callie was a great MC. She was resourceful and even though she was terrified that she would end up in jail she still did everything she could to clear her name and find out the truth.

I am glad to say that I had figured out the killer by the middle of this book, however Strasser did a great job surprising me once more. I truly loved everything about this book. Great mystery/thriller.

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