May 25, 2015

Book Review: Wish You Were Dead (Thrillogy, #1) by Todd Strasser

Wish You Were Dead (Thrillogy, #1)
by Todd Strasser

The Thrillogy by Todd Strasser is a trilogy of standalones, which means you can read whichever story seems to pique your interest, even if it's not the first one. But I highly recommend you read all three of them because these books are amazeballs.

Wish You Were Dead is a very intriguing story about teenagers going missing after a blogger, Str-S-d, wishes they were dead. One after the other the bullies of Soundview High are nowhere to be found and Madison finds herself filled with guilt because she is the one person they see or talk to last. But the mystery of the kidnapper is not the only one Madison will have to solve. She needs to find who her mysterious cyber stalker is and if the new guy she is falling for had anything to do with the missing kids.

I adored this book. It had everything a good thriller book should. A ton of mysteries to solve, a few red herrings, multiple (and usually messed up) PoVs, and a nail-biting ending.

I was glad after all that this was a standalone, because I could wait a minute longer to find the answers to all the mysteries. I really enjoyed the blog posts of Str-S-d, and the different PoVs, it just gave you an insight on everyone's mind. Also that ending was like a good old horror movie.

All in all I loved it. That being said, this is my least favorite of the Thrillogy, which just means that the next books are simply amazing!

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