Apr 12, 2014

Book Review: Possess by Gretchen McNeil

by Gretchen McNeil

Possess is the second book by Gretchen McNeil I've read and it was much different. This book has demons, exorcists, angels, Nephilim and everything in between. In Possess 15-year-old Bridget discovers she can hear and banish demons after her dad is murdered. With the help of two priests she starts taking up exorcisting job. But the possessions in her town are becoming more and more frequent. And the demons are warning her about a King of Hell that is about to rise.

Possess was really good. I loved all the action and creepy exorcist moments, and trust me there were a lot of them in the first half of the book. Then there is the main character, Bridget, she is so sarcastic and kind of kick-ass that I couldn't help but adore her. Also, I loved the lore about angels and Nephilim, Watchers and Emim, the Order of St. Michael, it made the story really come to life and I'd love to see another book set in the same world as Possess.

The second half of the book was more about the mystery behind Bridget's father's murder and who is the man conjuring the King of Hell. The outcome wasn't really socking. Gretchen McNeil gave us a lot of clues to figure out who was the bad guy and everything else, but still the story flew really well. I would have loved for a big twist at the end, but it never came. Still, I did enjoy that the romance in the second half of the book progressed. It was so cute and adorable.

All in all, this was a great, fast paced book. With an exorcist MC who can kick some demon ass and find some great come back lines in the process. I am really enjoying McNeil's books and can't wait to read more.


  1. Well, Veronica, this definitely looks like a good book
    I have not read anything by the author, but I am going to, soon
    GREAT review
    Your reader

  2. Sounds like this one was a fast and cool read! I haven't read anything by the author but it seems like I really ought to, and this might be the book to start with.
    Thanks for your review!