May 1, 2013

April 2013 Wrap-Up

April was a very slow month for my reading. I had all this homework to do and I kind of got a bit behind. I only read two books and start two more. I just hope May will be better.

Books I read:
Click on the images for the reviews.

The good part is that EDEN-SOUTH was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And Call of the Vampire turn out to be really great too.

Books I am currently reading:

Both books are pretty great so far. I was very excited for both of them, especially A Shade of Blood, since I  loved A Shade of Vampire.

Books I will read next month:

There was supposed to be a guest post and giveaway with Sherry Soule this Monday, but I got a bit side tracked and didn't do the post. But it will be up tomorrow, so make sure to visit me again.

These are all review books that I have to read next month. Hopefully I will manage to read something else too. Probably another R.L. Stine Cheerleaders books.

Leave me links to your Wrap-Up posts.


  1. I loved A Shade of Blood!
    Happy May reading!

  2. Good luck with your May reading... looks like you have some interesting books lined up to read! Hope you enjoy them all! :-)

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