Apr 24, 2013

Call of the Vampire (The Vanderlind Castle Series, #1) by Gayla Twist

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I am not a big fan of vampires but after giving a shot to A Shade of Vampire and ending up loving it I decided that maybe some new vampires books are worth reading. This is the case with Call of the Vampire. It is one of those books that you just wish were longer.

Call of the Vampire introduces us to Aurora and the mystery that surrounds the Vanderlind Castle and one of its residents Jessie Vanderlind. Aurora and her friend Blossom were always curious about the Castle, never been inside but dying to and finally, when a mysterious party is about to take place there they decide to sneak in. The girls manage to get inside unnoticed but one terrifying thing happens after the other and Aurora discovers the big secret of the Vanderlind Castle. The people living there are all vampires. Aurora is saved by Jessie and a bound is starting to form between the two of them. But her past, that she has yet to discover is somehow already connected with his. And not everyone enjoys the human company.

I really enjoyed this book and especially the main character Aurora, she had her bad moments, fixating over Jessie, but when it came down to a crisis and things that meant something she had a great attitude and tried her best to be a good friend and still keep Jessie's secret. I also enjoyed how by visiting her great-grandmother she learns stuff about her great-aunt that somehow seem to be connected to both her and Jessie.

And then there is Jessie, the best way to describe him is cute and sad. He never gave me the creeps or even scared me. He was always protective of Aurora and learning his heartbreaking past just made me like him even more.

I also loved the action scenes in this book and everything that took place inside the Castle, what I didn't seem to care much about was the alone Jessie-Aurora time in her room's window. I did want to learn more about the vampires and Aurora's great aunt but I think that those moments could have been so much more.

Still, I can't wait to read more of Aurora's story and get lost deeper into the Vanderlind Castle's history and residents.

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