Dec 9, 2012

Unpack This [Dec. 3 - Dec. 9]

Unpack This is a meme I started instead of my usual IMM. It was inspired by my love to open boxes, yes I love doing that.

I am trying not to order any books lately cause I will leave for Xmas and don't want my books to wait for me in my doorstep during the holidays, so I guess at some point I might not even receive books for a whole week. Anyways, this week I did get some pretty exciting books.

Physical Books:
Dark Kiss: I was looking for some other books by Michelle Rowen on when I found this one and simply could not help myself from getting it.
Rot and Ruin: Oh, how I wanted this book for ages and, yay, I finally got it. I love zombies so much.

Free E-Book:
The Christmass Bake-Off: I got this last Sunday when I saw it was for free on Vicky's Showcase Sunday post. You can get it too on Amazon


  1. Rot & Ruin sounds so creepy. I like zombies :D and Dark Kiss was very popular a while ago. A lot of people liked it, so happy reading :D


  2. OOOh, I love this cover of Rot & Ruin! And I can't wait to read the Christmas book (and try the recipes :D) <3

    Happy reading and have a lovely weekend! x