Jun 12, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #6

Tell me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert. Every week we get to answer to a new question.

This week's tell me something:
Let's talk TV what are your favorite shows?

My answer:
There are so many shows I love old ones and new but I am only going to talk about the ones that I can watch over and over again without ever getting bored. There is no order cause I really can't make up my mind.

After 12 seasons and many changes in the cast and crew I still love this show. And of course this is the LasVegas version, the original, there is no other CSI for me. I love all the crimes and mystery and all the great trivia we learn along the way. After 12 years I got very attached to each and every character and it always hurts when one of them ahs to go. I just hope the show will go on for many more years. You'll be surprised to know that I have re-watched every season at least 5 times. This is how crazy I am about it!

The Walking Dead
I only started watching this show after I found out that Norman Reedus was palying. I am a huge fan. Anyways, I wasn't really excited after watching the first episode but that was mostly because he didn't get to see any other character than the main one. But from the second episode and on it was pure awesomeness. I should point out that I am a huge fan of horror movies and all the disgusting things on the show are only making me more excited about it. But it's not just about zombies, the characters are all amazing, unique even the bad guys you just love to hate them.

A Game of Thrones
Of course this show is in this list. I love epic fantasy and this series is epic fantasy at its best. The only thing that I don't like about it is all the sex, I mean come on there is so much actual action going on I want to see the battles. I also read the books before watching each season, that's why I still haven't watched half of season 2 cause I still haven't finished book 2.

Hot in Cleveland
I never thought I would love a series about middle-aged women so much. I mean why should I? But have you watched this show it's hilarious. All the actresses are amazing. I love the plot and lines. It makes laugh every single time. That's why I always re-watch it whenever I have time.

Veronica Mars
Ok, I know you might not have expected this one but I love, love, love Veronica Mars. She's the only tv show character I ever wanted to be like. Hell, we even have the same name. She is so smart and sarcastic. I loved the whole teen aged private investigator concept. I really loved this show and was really sad when there was no season 4. I want season 4!

Teen Wolf
This is kind of a new summer show, the second season has just began, but I have already re-watched the two first episodes 3 times each. What makes this show so special, mostly the characters, they are amazing. There are so many hilarious moments but also so many fights and creepy scenes too. Another reason I love this show so much: Derek aka Tyler Hoechlin, there are no words, you just have to watch this show.

For the last tv series I had to list Charmed. This is the show that made me love witches and witchcraft. I used to watch it when I was in school and then re-watched it after got into UNI. I remember so many things about it and it always brings back childhood memories so I am very attached to it.

So this is my list. I am sure there might be some show I have forgotten but this are the ones that I always re-watch. As you can see I am a huge fan of tv series.


  1. I agree whole-heartedly. They are the best.

  2. some great answers here! I used to watch Charmed and Veronica Mars, too. :) Sad to say I'm not huge in crime shows and haven't seen anything else on your list (though I really want to see Game of Thrones). :)

  3. Ahn CSI It is amazing the appeal and longevity of that show. Why have I not heard of this Sherlock Holmes show? I am going to have to check it out!

  4. YAY for Veronica Mars. VM made it to my list as well! I love how fun and snarky and smart the show is! And I really need to watch The Game of Thrones. Fun list xD

  5. It's sooooo embarrassing... I've been blog hopping for TMST, and a lot of the mentioned shows I have heard about but not actually seen!
    I am intrigued by "A game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead" though! ;-)

  6. Great show choices!! I loved Veronica Mars... its not on anymore is it? I haven't even seen any reruns but I would watch them!!!
    I used to watch Charmed too, it was a great show!
    I am not a fan of CSI but I think because it is so well done that its too realistic for me. LOL.
    An OH YEAH.... Derek is SO awesome!!!! There are no words for his hottness. Last nights episode was fabulous!

  7. I always used to watch CSI, but I stopped because well, go to my blog and you'll see why.