Sep 13, 2013

The Doctor by Jennifer Bull

The Doctor is Jennifer Bull's debut novel and it shows a lot of promise. The story starts with our three main characters in three completely different situations. Daniel is visiting his father's Amusement park with his friends but something seems to be wrong there. Jack is a detective of the supernatural, in his latest case, hunting the most recent victim of The Doctor, a man that turns normal (or paranormal) people into killer werewolves. And finally, there's Sarah, a girl locked in a cage, living inside the nightmare her father has created, trying to escape only to find out that it was all a game her twisted father played on her. These three lives will collide and all of them will try to find and stop The Doctor while struggling to remain sane and alive.

I really enjoyed the first couple of chapters for each character. They were really creepy and it made me think that the story would be like a horror movie, but after a few chapters the creepy factor got lower and the mystery of The Doctor came to life. I really enjoyed that part, especially at the very end. For me there were two moments of WTF just happened, and I saw the first one coming, but the second one was a huge surprise.

The character and storyline I enjoyed the most was Jack. He is a paranormal detective and has a great and hilarious partner. I just loved the whole paranormal society and would love to see more of it. Maybe in a book just about Jack and another one of his cases, now that would be something I'd love to read.

This is the perfect read for Halloween, it even takes place during that time. So if you are in the mood for something a bit creepy and quite mysterious, get ready for the chase of The Doctor.

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