Sep 19, 2012

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls #1) by Ally Carter

In the first book of the Gallagher Girls we are introdused to Cammie and get thrown in the middle of her crazy world. Spies, cover ops, extreme fighting skills, a million different langueges, crazy scientist for a teacher, this school has it all and I loved it all too. For the first time in her life Cammie starts having feeling for a boy in the outside world and he seems to have them too, so the spy in her takes control over the situation.

I really enjoyed this book. First off let's make it clear that I love spies, the gadgets, the sharp minds, the action packed missions, I love them all and this book has it all. The characters are fun and so different from each other. Cammie and her friends Bex and Liz, are three girls that anyone can find something to connect with them. Then there is the new snobby girl Macey, who is so much more than she seems at first and soon she will also find her way into the readers hearts.

The world that Ally Carter creates was fun, entairtaining and had a lot of spies in it (of course). And when I say spies, I mean like in the history of the world. Thoughout the book we get mentions of events and inventions that are all due to spies, but of course the normal people don't know about it. It really made the world more really and a little insane too, which I loved.

The only problem that I had with this book is that it doesn't have any big plot on the background. No super villain who wants to destroy the world, or whatever. It was mostly about Cammie getting to know a life outside the Academy. I don't know if this going to change in the next books, so here's hoping. Cause I would love to see those girls doing some villain ass kicking.
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  1. I have heard a lot about these books and her newer ones. They do sound like great mystery reads. Fingers crossed there will be a villain in the next couple of books! ;)

    J'adore Happy Endings