Sep 1, 2012

Autumn Reading List

After the big success of my Summer Reading List (I read 12 out of 17 books in the list and I find it really hard to stick on my lists), I decided to keep the lists on coming and even though I find it hard to make a TBR list for just one month, I find it so much easier to make one for a whole season, of course I will end up reading some other books instead of some listed but I hope I can stick with at least half of them.

So, here's my Autumn Reading List.

Physical Books


  1. Ooh ooh City of Ashes - I just finished that! I'd love to know what you think of it!

  2. I loved City of Ashes, Wuthering High and The Iron King. They all look great.

  3. I love those lists :p I will make one too XD

    My Summer one did great. From 22 listed books i've read 17. But in general the whole summer i've read around 40 books :D

    1. Great! :) Books sneaked into my summer reading too, that's why I didn't finish all the books listed. But I did read a lot of them which is a great thing. Leave me your link once you posted so I won't miss it. :)