Jun 9, 2012

Valor (Greystone Novels #1) by Taylor Longford

MacKenzie, a 16-year-old girl, is about to discover that Gargoyles are real and are nothing like the uglie stone creatures we thought. After a shipment from her step-father arrives at her garage, MacKezie opens the big crate with no idea that this action will change her life forever. Inside the crate is the most beutiful winged stone sculpture she's ever seen and soon afterwards the sculpture comes to life only to save hers.

Valor is a gargoyle. He has spent the last 800 years of his life waiting for a ray of light to bring him back to his flesh and bone form. When he saves MacKenzie he becomes attached to the little red-headed girl all the while his brothers showing up at her garage too. All of them together will discover how the world has changed in the last 8 centuries and all the old enemies, the reason they lost so many years, that had remained unchanged.

I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this book. I mean Gargoyles? Who would want to read about them? But after reading the first couple of chapters I started falling in love with each and every gargoyle. I got sucked into the story and wished I could have been the one to find the six gargoyles at my front door.

As I said before I loved the gargoyles, Valor, Dare, Havoc, Reason, Victor, Defiance. Great names! Each of them has one main characteristic and his whole attitude will resolve around it. That made them very unique in my mind and whenever they were together it felt like the were one perfect complete person. The one character that I didn't loved that much was MacKenzie. Yes we get to see the story from her POV but it felt like we got to know more about the gargoyles seeing them through her eyes than we learned about her. She felt a little simple to me. That is the only word that can describe her in my mind. She was good-natured and caring but still she missed something.

The story was mostly about Valor and MacKenzie, since this is the story of Valor, and even though I really enjoyed their alone time, I loved all the moments when other gargoyles were around. It was really fun to see how they acted with each other. I especially enjoyed reading about Havoc, who is my fav gargoyle so far, you can see by the name that his scenes were pretty fun. There was a little bit of action at the end which was good placed in my mind. Meaning that, since this is the first book in a series I prefer to learn a few things about the main cahracters, get the settings all in my mind and then have all the action. I believe that there will be more fights in the next few books.

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